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How to set up and run W2 Payroll?
How to set up and run W2 Payroll?
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This article will guide you through all the steps required to set up your W2 payroll, whether you are running your payroll for employees or migrating from another provider.

Before setting up your W2 Payroll, make sure you've added your payment method. To learn more on how to add your bank, see: How to Connect your Payment Method.

Note: If you look to migrate existing tax records and payroll history from your previous provider to Thera. Reach out to our Onboarding team at [email protected]

Setting up W2 Payroll

  1. Login to your account

  2. Go to "Settings" and click "Enable" next to W2 Payroll

  3. Once clicked, you'll be taken to a new flow wherein you'll have to

    1. After adding your payment method, you will receive two microdeposits in your linked account. Check your bank statements for these small deposits, and then return to your account settings. Enter the verification values you found on your bank statement.

    2. Sign paperwork

  4. Navigate over to the "Payroll" module within your account. Under the W2 Payroll section, click on the option labelled "Setup Payroll".

  5. Proceed by providing details on how your Regular Payroll should be set up. Choose whether you'd like payroll to be run automatically, Select the pay schedule and the first check date (the date when you want your first payroll to be run).

    1. If you prefer an automated payroll process, you have the option to set up autopilot. This feature streamlines payroll by automatically processing payments based on your chosen pay schedule. Access autopilot settings from the settings page, if you look to configure it later.

Registration in new states

You are required to register in all new states that you are hiring. Thera can register in new states for your business, quickly and easily. Reach out to our Onboarding team at [email protected] or reply via our chat widget on the platform. Our team will reach out to you, and you can get the registration done.

Adding W2 Employees

You can add employees from the Team page. Onboard your employees immediately after, so that payroll dates are not disturbed. To learn more on how to onboard US Employees, refer to this article.

Running Payroll

When all your employees are onboarded, you are all set to run payroll.

If a few of your employees are on a different pay schedule, you can choose to run manual Off-Cycle Payroll.


Reach out to our support team if you encounter any issues or reply via our in-app support.

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