What is Thera?
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Thera is the #1 HR Platform for Global teams! We handle payroll, benefits, locally compliant contract creation, and more in 135+ countries at the lowest market rate.

We offer three main functions:

Pay: Through Thera, you can pay your workers seamlessly across both the US and the globe through our W2 payroll, contractor management, or Employer of Record (EOR) services.

โ€‹Hire: Our Contractor management and EOR services make it easy to hire across the world. We act as the Employer of Record for your workers and handle all the compliance, paperwork, and legal aspects of the hiring process. It can be extremely challenging navigating the complex problems associated with managing an international workforce, however, with Thera, it becomes a whole lot easier.

Support: It has become increasingly popular and necessary for employers to provide their workers benefits and resources to improve their quality of living. Through Thera, you can provide benefits and insurance for your employees in a straightforward manner, ensuring

Thera is your one-stop shop for no-frills employee management -- we provide all the tools you need to successfully support your workforce. Feel free to reach out to

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