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How to add a W2 employee?
How to add a W2 employee?
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Work Locations

Prerequisite: In order to start onboarding employees, you will need to define work locations for your employees - Work Locations show where an employer has employees working, and it is primarily used for taxation purposes. (Add them using this link or even during onboarding).

Adding a W2 Employee

  1. Navigate to the Team page within your admin dashboard. Click "Add Employee" and provide the following information.

    • Compensation details (hourly or salary)

    • Employee's start date

    • Employee's personal details (name, contact information, etc.)

  2. Employee receives invite link

    Once you've added the employee to your system, they will receive an email invitation with a unique link to begin the onboarding process. Encourage your new employee to check their inbox for this important email.

  3. Employee completes onboarding and connects his bank account

    Employees will be prompted to fill out essential forms, which may include tax forms, bank account details, and other relevant documents.

Running Payroll

Once the onboarding is complete, the employee can be added to payroll.

You can run regular payroll if the employee is on your regular payment schedule, otherwise, you can opt to run an Off-Cycle Payroll.

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