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How to create an invoice?
How to create an invoice?
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It is very easy to create an invoice on the Thera. There are three contract types available on Thera, and the invoice processes slightly vary for each.

For Pay As You Go Contracts

  1. Select the relevant contract from your home dashboard

  2. Submit your work done, in the submit invoice form under the Contract Tab (Enter the number of hours worked, date, and description if needed)

  3. You can view the status of the submitted invoice right below the work submission form. Here you'll find the overview of the Approval status of the submitted invoices

It's as simple as that! After submitting, your invoice will be sent for confirmation to your employer, who will either approve or deny it. To ensure a seamless payment process, make sure that you and your employer have formalized the specifics of the payment process (timeline, frequency, rate, etc...)

For Fixed Rate Contracts

Invoices are auto-generated and auto-approved at the start of every month, so manual entry of work is not required by the Contractor or Admin. However, any additional items like expenses and overtime can be added by clicking on 'Add Item'.

You'll be able to view the auto-approved Invoice for the current cycle here

For Milestone Contracts

When a milestone is marked as complete, an invoice is generated. Your Team admin will then be able to review and approve it.

To add a milestone, click on Add Milestone and define the milestone details.

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