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FAQs on compliance & KYC
FAQs on compliance & KYC
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Compliance Document Collection

Access the Compliance section under the Payroll module.

You may be required to submit the necessary compliance documents (National ID/Passport, etc - if it applies). You can view the status and download documents

W-8 BEN Forms

Access the W-8 BEN form under the Compliance section of the Payroll module. Fill in your personal and tax-related details. Thera will generate the form and it will be shared with your employer.

KYC Verification

The verification process is easy and should only take a few minutes. Click Verify to begin the process through our partner provider AiPrise.

You'll be asked to upload any relevant Government IDs.

Once verified you will be able to see the status of verification on the Compliance Tab

All and any pending items can be accessed straight from your dashboard under "Quick Access".

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